Client Testimonials:

“Kalpin, I really and truly appreciate with all my heart. Thanks for be there for me. For your passing and your kindness. That’s reall”

Former client, F.K.

“I was wrongfully arrested, charged, and accused of a DUI and Speeding. The prosecutors offered a deal to plea to a reduced charge. I was advised by my lawyer to take the deal. But then, everything changed when that same lawyer introduced me to Kalpin Shah Law. Mr. Shah believed in my innocence and thoroughly evaluated the strengths/weaknesses of my case. His courage gave me hope and we decided to reject the state’s plea offer and went to trial. Result: Not Guilty on both counts. I appreciate Mr. Shah’s energy and his work ethics & have already referred my friends to him”

Former client, D.H.

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An Unfortunate Accident

Yes, his immigration status is relevant for bond but the news headlines make it out to seem as if  his illegality as a resident had something to do with this tragic accident.  I met him and his entire family… some of the kindest, polite, and warm group of folks I’ve represented.  Privileged to represent them.

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