Imagine a prosecutor fighting for you-  A judge’s law clerk, a defense firm associate, a skilled, relentless, fighter. Mr. Shah is all of the above!

With experience and perspective from every aspect of the legal system, Mr. Shah’s entire career has been carefully designed to provide you the best representation possible.

As  an Assistant Solicitor for over two years, Mr. Shah handled misdemeanor cases at every stage.  While learning the internal techniques of a prosecution process, Mr. Shah continued earning the respect and building relations with such Judges, other prosecutors, and court administrators.

On the very first client of his career, Mr. Shah obtained a dismissal on all charges.  Click here for a narrative from that case.  As an indigent defense counsel for Clayton County, he passionately fought for each and every individual he represented.  For another example, in a less-safe DUI case, Mr. Shah zealously tried a complex three-day jury trial to the extent that mid-trial, prosecution was required to present an expert officer.  As an indigent defense counsel, Mr. Shah continued succeeding at multiple bench trials, motions, bond modifications, and daily inmate arraignments.  In fact, his office considered him as the go-to expert on the Ga. Evidence code.

Mr. Shah first  honed his basic trial skills at the DeKalb D.A.’s office while presenting officer witnesses at hundreds of probable-cause hearings.  Prior to that, he also clerked with the Superior Court Judge of Fulton County, K E Adams.  There he hand the opportunity to thoroughly research numerous aspects of criminal and civil law before drafting a well analyzed bench briefs for the Judge’s ruling.  I have also researched and authored an Eleventh Circuit appeal on a complex race discrimination claim.

Having seen the system from every perspective, Mr. Shah was convinced that despite all else, there is a serious NEED to defend the rights of the people who are criminally accused and provide justice to the ones who are wrongfully injured.  So, in February of 2016, he founded Kalpin Shah Law to serve the people; people like you  . . .in times of Trials & Adversity.